If you would like Doctor Louise get elected here in South West Surrey, there are numerous ways you can help out.

Sign up for news and events at the Elect Dr Louise mailing list. Then we can keep in touch with you with news of events in your local area, and you can also volunteer to help.

You could help us delivering leaflets in your local area. Let us know where you intend to cover and we will send you sufficient to cover your area.

You could help us with leafleting in town centres. We will be out and about a lot in the upcoming weeks. Come and join us.

You could come with us and talk to people door-to-door. People are generally very friendly and supportive of our message, so it’s quite rewarding to chat to them face to face.

You could display a signboard, or help us to install them. A signboard is a great way to catch the eye of passing traffic, both on foot and in vehicles.

You could display a poster. We have a variety of sizes, including car window stickers.

Engage with friends and followers on social media. Facebook posts and tweets help spread the message and will encourage people to vote. NEW! You can now use the short link to link to this website, and #ElectDrLouise is the official campiagn hashtag.

Louise’s donation campaign via Crowdfunder has reached its target! You can still donate to help elect the other NHA candidates around the country: Support Dr Louise Irvine against Jeremy Hunt!.

If you can help in any of these ways, or just want to know more, please let us know:

And, of course, don’t forget to vote!


2 Responses to SIGN UP TO HELP

  1. David Edwards says:

    How can I donate to your campaign financially as I live in Manchester?


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