Upcoming Events


Volunteer Events

  • Wednesday 7 June, 9am-2pm – Leafleting/canvassing in Farnham – Location ad hoc. Pick up map and supplies from 5 West Close, GU9 0RF.
  • Wednesday 7 June, 3pm – Canvassing in Farnham – Folly Hill area. Meet at War Memorial at Upper Hale road/Wings road intersection GU9 0HN
  • Wednesday 7 June, 7pm – Canvassing in Farnham – Wrecclesham. Meet outside the Bon East Chinese Restaurant, Weydon Lane, Farnham GU9 8UP
  • Thursday 8 June, all day, everywhere (except near polling stations) – presence!
  • Thursday 8 June, 6pm – 8pm – Presence at railway stations to catch people returning home to vote.

In the final week before the election, we need to be leafleting and canvassing every day to ensure that everyone knows of Louise and knows her policy positions. If you have time to help, please send us an email to let us know when and where you are available.


2 Responses to Upcoming Events

  1. Charlie Cruickshanks says:

    I want to come and leaflet and knock doors for you. How do I get involved?


    • swsurreynha says:

      Hi, Charlie. The best thing to do is to click on SIGN UP TO HELP, where you can enter your contact details and what you can do, where and when. We can then get you in contact with the appropriate local team and they can put you to work! Thanks for the support.


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