Rallying cry to voters #BattleForSWSurrey #electdrlouise

Over the last 10 days I have shared with you some of the topics that are most important to me – as I’m asking for your vote, it’s only fair that I share those issues that I care about.

I have written a lot about the NHS: How it’s being privatised to some companies operating in tax havens; about the outrageous sell off of our blood plasma services and about how the Conservatives’ cuts to the ambulance service could cost lives in Farnham and the surrounding areas.

I’ve talked about how the UK should be leading the world in standing up to Trump about climate change whilst also working locally to clean up the illegally polluted air that children in our area are breathing in schools. And I’ve talked about the education cuts that mean one school had to run an appeal for donations of toilet rolls.

And yesterday I blogged about how our amazing NHS staff are undervalued and overworked to the point where thousands are leaving the profession they love.

I am also extremely grateful to three women. Firstly, Penny Rivers, the Liberal Democrat County Councillor urging all Liberal Democrat supporters to vote for me. And to Margaret, my 101 year old friend who wanted us to record a video of the two of us chatting so she could tell everyone why she was voting for me. And, also to, Susan Ryland who is the Green candidate who stepped down to support me and has offered strategic advice and grassroots green support.

Today, I’ve written about the harm a  “hard Brexit” could do to our economy, health and well-being as a nation.

Tomorrow is polling day. I urge every one of you to vote. I know that if Lib Dem, Labour and Green supporters vote for me then I can beat Jeremy Hunt. I also know that I am the only candidate that can.

So if you want to wake up on Friday morning to find that your constituency has sent a loud and clear message to Theresa May that we care about our NHS and won’t stand by and let her destroy it… If you want to wake up to the news that Jeremy Hunt has been kicked out of Parliament… Please vote for me on Thursday.

I will be honoured to be your local MP, fighting for the issues that you and I both care about.


Dr Louise Irvine, National Health Action Party

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