Ten Days to Stop Jeremy Hunt Day 8 – The air we breathe, the world we live in

(Due to the horrific news from London on Saturday night, I suspended social campaigning yesterday and held off publishing this Day 8 update. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the families and all those who suffered. And our gratitude and respect is with all those who helped.)

Last week, Donald Trump announced that the USA would pull out of the Paris climate agreement. Amid universal condemnation from all around the world, our ‘strong and stable’ Conservative leaders chose to be silent and meek.

It’s not good enough. Climate change is the biggest issue affecting the world and we choose to stand by when the world’s second biggest polluter pulled out. Instead of leading the response, we did nothing.


Environmental issues are not just big issues that feel far away. One of the most serious issues affecting our health is the air that we breathe.


Air pollution kills 40,000 people every year in the UK. That’s over 100 every day, or one every 14 minutes. How long is it since you got up this morning? An hour… that’s 4 people. Half a day… that’s 50 people.

It’s estimated that children in 3,000 schools are breathing air that is above the legal limit for pollution. This isn’t just an inner-city issue, it affects schools all over the country including here in South West Surrey. That’s our children.

This is both an environmental and a health issue, that affects every one of us. We need to take action now to deal with air pollution, locally and nationally.

Last week, the Farnham Herald reported:

Levels of air pollution have increased at more than two thirds of monitoring locations in Farnham – and remain illegally high at a dozen pollution hotspots across the town.

They reported that for Farnham the data are showing:

the annual mean levels of hazardous nitrogen dioxide (NO2) have increased at 13 of 19 (68 per cent) monitoring locations in the town.

I filmed this report in Farnham, and talk about the issue of pollution in South West Surrey:

Locally, this must be addressed. I wrote about some changes we could make in South West Surrey in an earlier blog post here. This was in response to a question from Guildford & Waverley Friends of the Earth about dangerous NO2 levels outside a school in Godalming.

Nationally, I believe the UK must take the lead in tackling climate change, not quiver meekly when Donald Trump puts the world at risk.

Vote for me, Dr Louise Irvine. I’ll fight for the health of our air and our children. And I’ll push for the UK to lead the world in fighting climate change.


Louise Irvine

Dr Louise Irvine, National Health Action Party

The candidate selected by Lib Dem, Labour and Green party members in South West Surrey to kick out Jeremy Hunt.

And if you want to help me protect your NHS from Jeremy Hunt, please contact us here. I’d be delighted to welcome you on board.

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