Ten days to stop Jeremy Hunt: Day 3 – He’s even sold our blood!

How can a government that sells our most vital assets really have our best interests at heart?

It’s been kept quiet that the NHS Destroyer, Jeremy Hunt, sold state-owned NHS plasma supplier PRUK to a US private equity firm in 2013.

PRUK makes blood products for the NHS, which thousands of people rely upon for essential blood-based treatments.

Yes, the service that provides blood products for people with serious conditions was sold off to a private equity firm. To make it worse, it was sold to a US based private equity firm, Bain Capital, owned by Mitt Romney. How does he think he’s going to safeguard our most vital assets now?

This is the same Jeremy Hunt that says, “Trust me with your NHS”!

But wait for it… it gets worse. He sold it off for £200m. And yet just three years later, Mitt Romney sold it (under a different name now) to Chinese company Creat for £800m.

Yes, Mitt Romney made £600m by trading in blood!

But wait again… it gets even worse. Mitt Romney only paid £90m up front for the company. The other £110m was payable to us after he’d made his £600m profit.

And this is the government that says, “Trust us with the economy”!

Jeremy Hunt cannot be trusted with your NHS. Please vote for me, Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party, on June 8th to save your NHS.

One final note – it’s important to make one distinction here. All UK blood donations go through the separate UK Blood and Transplant service. So for now, your blood transfusions are still being used for the common good. But for how much longer?


Dr Louise Irvine

Vote for Dr Louise Irvine, National Health Action Party.

The candidate selected by Lib Dem, Labour and Green party members in South West Surrey to kick out Jeremy Hunt.

And if you want to help me protect your NHS from Jeremy Hunt, please contact us here. I’d be delighted to welcome you on board.

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One Response to Ten days to stop Jeremy Hunt: Day 3 – He’s even sold our blood!

  1. David Allen says:

    and know Bain capital have hired a man called Dave Cameron to give inspirational talks.?

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