NHA Party – Manifesto Launch

We’ve launched our 2017 manifesto!

NHA co-leader Dr Alex Ashman: “Strong and stable just isn’t good enough – we want a government with a heart.”

Here’s the full press release:

The National Health Action Party have today released their 2017 Election Manifesto. Dr Alex Ashman, junior doctor and NHA co-leader,



“We are constantly being promised a public debate about the future of the NHS. The time to have that debate is now, at the ballot box. We want an honest and open conversation on how our public services are run.

We want the public to be given the facts so they can make an informed choice as to who runs their country. Opaque references to ‘sustainability’, ‘transformation’ and ‘accountable care’ in long documents are not enough to inform public opinion.

The conversation needs to be had on every street corner, on every bus, at every dinner table. In South West Surrey our candidate Dr Louise Irvine has got that conversation going and people of all parties, and none, are getting behind her campaign to challenge Jeremy Hunt.

Our manifesto lays out what we believe are the key themes necessary to restore our public services, our democracy, and our country. We want to see excellent education, health and support services providing the foundation for a strong economy. Above all, we want an NHS that puts people before profits. Strong and stable just isn’t good enough – we want a government with a heart.”

Read the Manifesto here: http://nhap.org/our-2017-manifesto/

Manifesto contents

Our candidates

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