Ten days to stop Jeremy Hunt: Day 1 – The NHS…the truth must be heard

People ask me why I want to leave my practice as a doctor and become an MP. In this, the first of ten daily posts where I will share the things that I care most about, I will start to explain why.

I have been a doctor for 28 years. I love my profession – we save and improve people’s lives every day. And I love the role the NHS plays – giving this service to everyone, regardless of wealth.

My passion for the NHS is only matched by my equal passion for letting people like you and me know the truth about what is happening to our NHS.

So, when I heard Jeremy Hunt making claims that I know to be trying to con people like you and me, you can only imagine how incensed I became. Let me share a few selected ones from the recent Haslemere hustings with you now.

Jeremy Hunt said:

“I don’t support privatisation of the NHS”

The percentage of NHS budget spent on outsourcing to the private for-profit sector has gone up every year since the Tories came to power in 2010. In the last five years, it’s gone up by 55%. (Incidentally, this statement by Jeremy that he did not support privatisation was greeted with laughter in the room at the hustings!)

Jeremy Hunt said:

“The NHS has £6.5b more every year than it did the last time I did hustings in Haslemere in 2015. That’s a significant increase.”

This is a breathtaking claim and I have no idea where it can have come from. According to the Kings Fund, this is simply untrue.

Jeremy Hunt said:

“NHS front line staff have never worked harder than they are working at the moment.”

This bit is actually true… because there are not enough of them to provide the care patients need so all staff routinely work many extra hours a week, unpaid. This amounts to millions of unpaid hours a year.

Jeremy Hunt carried on trying to pull the wool over our eyes by hiding the truth about the state of mental health care (shockingly awful), maternal safety (falling) and infant mortality (rising for the first time in a decade). And it’s interesting to note that he didn’t even mention the increase in ambulance waiting times, the failure of A&E departments to hit targets, thousands of patients lying on trolleys, the closure of 7,000 beds in 7 years and so much more. Maybe even Jeremy Hunt can’t find a way of pretending they are successes!

You can read the full fact check on what Jeremy Hunt said at the hustings here.

I believe the NHS is worth fighting for and I believe the NHS deserves better than Jeremy Hunt. That’s why I want to be your MP. I want to stand up to the lies that politicians tell, to bring a new honesty to politics. And I will fight to save our NHS.

Over the next ten days I will share my views on the other things that I am passionate about. I hope you’ll enjoy them and decide by the 8th June to vote for me, Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party to save your NHS.

Come back tomorrow for Day 2 of my Top 10 where I share my thoughts on cuts to education….


Dr Louise Irvine

Vote for Dr Louise Irvine, National Health Action Party.

The candidate selected by Lib Dem, Labour and Green party members in South West Surrey to kick out Jeremy Hunt.

And if you want to help me protect your NHS from Jeremy Hunt, please contact us here. I’d be delighted to welcome you on board.

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2 Responses to Ten days to stop Jeremy Hunt: Day 1 – The NHS…the truth must be heard

  1. swsurreynha says:

    Reblogged this on NHA – South West Surrey Group and commented:

    Here’s my rebuttal of the misleading or untrue things Jeremy Hunt said in his Haslemere hustings last week.


  2. Roger Leary says:

    Wish I could vote for you. I’m an ex GP, quit age 58 as could take no more. Each year it was do more with less. Jeremy Hunt smiles creepily while slowly strangling the NHS.


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