British Politics, American Style. Why this Farnham resident is voting to #electdrlouise #unseathunt

The letter below appeared in this week’s Farnham Herald along with many others supporting Louise Irvine. It was written by a leading NHA campaigner in Farnham. To get in touch with Kim and help her campaign team, click here.

Kim, Supporting NHA in Farnham

British Politics, American Style

Dear Sir/Madam:

If the citizens of SW Surrey think that they’re immune from the politics of the likes of Donald J. Trump then they should think again.  The Tories are only one notch above the Republicans and as far as I can see, USA style Conservative policies are right in the Tory wheelhouse.

I’ll break it down.

Our own MP, Jeremy Hunt, has co-authored a pamphlet with other Tory leaders containing a blueprint to replace the NHS with a private insurance based system.  Make no mistake, the Tories have been selling off the NHS to private companies and now the private hedge fund managers who donated to the Tory party are in talks to loan the NHS money.  How is this a saving?

The USA has a 24/7 “news” channel owned by Mr. Rupert Murdoch, which is nothing short of a propaganda network for the Republican party.  I credit Mr. Murdoch with the fear and paranoia that has overtaken the American public and led to the election of one of the most loathsome Republican administrations in my lifetime.  Mr Hunt has strong ties to Rupert Murdoch, and has worked on his behalf within the government, as we all know from his tenure as Culture Secretary and the BSkyB scandal.

The Tories have caused widespread suffering and death because of their constant tinkering with and cuts to the DWP benefits for those most vulnerable in our society.  How many stories do we have to read about disabled, bed-ridden people being told that their benefits will be cut if they don’t show up for an appointment ?  Funding cuts have caused councils to charge the elderly a “falling fee” when they ask for help getting up after a fall.  These are cruel and inhuman policies.

The Tories have cut back public services to the bone while enriching their corporate masters and big party donors.  Many of our Tory leaders are personally very wealthy people who have no idea, nor do they care,  as to the difficulty that regular working people have when it comes to making ends meet or saving for the future.  This is the case with our representatives in the USA, as well.

The Tories support fracking, an environmental policy that is akin to offering a cup of poison to citizens who live in the area.  The value of property goes down as soon as fracking starts and you’ll have fun trying sell your property when the drinking water is contaminated by fracking waste that leeched into the ground water.  Oil companies intend to frack in the Surrey Hills.

These are the exact type of policies that Trump and his Republican cronies celebrate and enact,  and they are destroying our social fabric, the public good, and our environment.

USA politics is disgusting and it’s on our doorstep.  The next time you shake your head in disbelief over  the Trump American style politics, settle in and get ready.  It’s coming our way… if you continue to vote for Tory leadership.

There is an alternative.  Cast your vote for Louise Irvine, the candidate who has been put forward by the Progressive Alliance in Surrey.  Dr. Irvine is an honest and whip-smart person who is committed to a properly funded, public NHS, environmental quality, affordable housing with sensible planning, and properly funded public services for the people of SW Surrey.  She will fight tooth and nail for you.

I know which side I’m on.


Kim Arrand


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