Crowdfunder – Support Dr Louise Irvine against Jeremy Hunt #GE2017 #SWSurrey

Message from Dr Louise Irvine.

I want to offer you the chance to be part of political history. Your support can help
remove Jeremy Hunt from Westminster.

As a GP I meet so many people who feel rightly outraged and afraid about how the
Government is failing our wonderful NHS. It’s no wonder people are angry. And I can
understand their fear. But no one needs to feel helpless. I am determined to
champion the NHS and thus to help you. And that’s why I really need your help

Put simply, we need money. We need donations for all of the frankly unglamorous
necessities of a modern election campaign: posters, leaflets, social media
campaigns. This is strictly not to pay people – we have a strong and growing team of
volunteers (which you may also wish to join).

Making a financial gift really will help. Please do give what you can now, and then
share this appeal as widely as you can via Facebook, Twitter, email etc.

Why me? I know from my volunteer role as Chair of the campaign to protect
Lewisham Hospital that Jeremy Hunt can be beaten. In Lewisham we defeated him
twice. We took Jeremy Hunt to court to save my local hospital services. We won. He
took us to the appeal court. We won again. Jeremy Hunt then changed the law to
stop anyone saving their services that way again. I want to be elected to do my best
to stop laws like that being passed, to fight to defend our NHS, and to work towards
a fairer politics.

I chose to challenge the Secretary of State at the ballot box to do it.
I was so pleased to be nominated as the progressive alliance candidate for South
West Surrey. In the last election I got 8.5% of the vote. This time we will do much
better. We must, for our NHS is truly at risk.

As I said, the money you give pays for basic stuff to help get our message out there.

Leaflets that our many volunteers will deliver, for example. If somehow we raise
more than is needed locally, then any extra funds will support other NHA Party
candidates, too.

Why now? We have an unprecedented opportunity. Members of the local Labour
and Liberal Democrat parties have publicly agreed to support me, not their own
candidates. The Green candidate has stood down for me. I am moved, humbled and
excited by the way people are coming together for a principle greater than any one

Across the country, people know we must save the NHS, and we start by removing
Jeremy Hunt from Westminster. With your support we will beat him. But to have the
best chance of success, we need your help. Please give whatever you possibly can

Here is a link to help Louise Irvine fund her election campaign in South West Surrey

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