1st campaigning events, + other ways to help #Farnham #Godalming #ElectLouise #GE2017

Thank you so very much for your support so far! We raised almost half our target amount in under 24 hours.

We had a great organising event in Haslemere last night and now have campaign teams in place for towns and villages in South West Surrey.

Energetic meeting of progressive minds uniting to #electlouise in SW Surrey.

We’ve organised our first campaigning events:

  • Saturday 13th May, 2pm – Leafleting in Farnham (Lion and Lamb Yard, GU9 7LL)
  • Sunday 14th May, 1pm – Campaigner’s Meeting in Farnham (Mulberry Pub, Station Hill, GU9 8AD)
  • Sunday 14th May, 4pm – Campaigner’s Meeting in Godalming (Star Inn, 17 Church St, GU7 1EL)

And here’s 7 ways you can support Dr Irvine:

1. Share our crowdfunder (www.crowdfunder.co.uk/unseat-hunt).

2. Circulate our appeals for ‘feet on the ground’ and donations round social media, friends and family.

3. Come to help out ‘on the stump’ as and when you can – join us to put leaflets through doors, knock on doors to make sure people are registered to vote and are going to get out to vote. ‘Getting out the vote’ is often the hardest bit of any campaign, no matter how well the publicity is going.

4. Signing up to our SW Surrey NHA mailing list if you are local and can commit more than an occasional day. Sign up here.

5. Join the party to get regular updates on Louise’s campaign and all of our candidates nhap.org/join.

6. Follow Louise on twitter @drmarielouise.

7. Follow Louise’s local campaign page on facebook at @drlouiseirvine.

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