SW Surrey Supporter Message from @drmarielouise Please RT #LoveNHS #GE2017

Dear South West Surrey Supporter

First of all this message is to say thank you. I have been overwhelmed by the support I have received from all areas of the country since I was selected last Saturday to represent the progressive alliance in SW Surrey against Jeremy Hunt. I promise that I shall do my very best to deserve it.

When I first started having talks on behalf of our party with the other parties in SW Surrey I felt very much that NHA were contributors to a bigger picture, rather than about to take centre stage. Which is why I would like to explain to you that we are still a small party and largely run by volunteer time and energy in order to put the bulk of our funds into campaigning. So I apologise because it is quite difficult to reply to everyone’s offers of help individually immediately. We promise though we will be in touch.

NHA’s campaign team will be sending out regular messages to the whole of our membership to let you know when and where to meet to help in the constituency if you are able and I am building a local constituency team to carry us through the whole campaign.

There are different ways you can help:

  • Donations of course! Elections are very expensive things. We have set up a crowdfunder.
  • Circulating our appeals for ‘feet on the ground’ and donations round social media, friends and family.
  • Coming to help out ‘on the stump’ as and when you can – that is to say coming to put leaflets through doors, knock on doors to make sure people are registered to vote and are going to get out to vote. ‘Getting out the vote’ is often the hardest bit of any campaign, no matter how well the publicity is going.
  • Signing up to our SW Surrey NHA mailing list if you are local and can commit more than an occasional day.
  • And if you are a supporter or associate member please consider upgrading your membership to full member.

I am excited and grateful and a bit daunted, but I am very much looking forward to getting this started on the ground in the constituency. As we are putting this together quite rapidly I apologise for the short notice of the first get-together, it is tonight in Haslemere. Please do come along if you’re free. Royal Oak, Critchmere Hill, Critchmere, Haslemere, GU27 1LS at  8pm. It will be an organising meeting.

I would like to meet up on Sunday in Goldalming and Farnham, as well as Haslemere again. Those places and times are still to be confirmed, I’ll let you know as soon as possible. From next week we should be able to give you more advance notice of where and when we are meeting. We will do this as we do all our election campaigns – we will meet up in a coffee shop or maybe a pub where we will have leaflets and posters and other materials to give out to volunteers with directions about which areas to cover. If the day goes well and we have time, we meet up for a bit of a chat and a social get together at the end of the day too.

To recap – if you want to come and help from outside the area our NHA campaign team will send out updates and you can just turn up. If you are local in or near the constituency and can offer more regular help then please sign up to our SW Surrey NHA group. Details at the end of this email.

I am a doctor and being a doctor makes me a realist. This campaign is a long shot, but the only thing that can transform it into reality is enough people on my team, on the streets of SW Surrey convincing the voters that this is worth it. I’m putting my faith in you to help me do that.

I look forward to meeting you in the fight to end Jeremy Hunt’s destructive reign over our NHS.

Best wishes


Dr Louise Irvine
NHA executive committee member
Parliamentary candidate for SW Surrey

Twitter: @drmarielouise @nha_swsurrey
email: swsurreynha@gmail.com
Facebook: drlouiseirvine
NHA website www.nhap.org

Donate on our website: nhap.org/donate/

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