Compass Group meeting 6 May to discuss SW Surrey progressive alliance candidate #GE2017

Dr Louise Irvine

Supporter message from Dr Louise Irvine:

The Compass group (which brings together people from several political parties on a common “progressive” platform)  in SW Surrey is in favour of standing a single progressive alliance candidate in the upcoming GE and wants to involve local people in the discussion/decision about that. It is holding a public forum next Saturday 6 May. Please join us on:

Saturday 6th May from 10.30am – 12.30pm

at Farncombe Parish Church

St John Street, Farncombe GU7 3EJ

Click here to register for a ticket

This is to hear from people in South West Surrey about whether there would be support for a “progressive alliance” candidate, and if so who that person might be.

Here is a copy of the press release and it contains the following statement:

“South West Surrey Compass believes that the process of moving towards agreement on a single progressive parliamentary candidate for South West Surrey must be as open and transparent as possible. In order to facilitate this process, South West Surrey Compass will be holding a Progressive Forum open to all members of the public in advance of the close of nominations for the new parliament, in the morning of Saturday 6th May.”

One issue is that although many (but not all) people in the local parties support the idea, some of the national parties have difficulties with it and may seek to prevent it happening. So it’s by no means a forgone conclusion that it will happen. There would need to be strong consensus across the “progressive” spectrum that a single candidate would be the best way to beat Jeremy Hunt or at least dent his majority significantly, as well as maximising the opportunity to raise the vital issues that concern most people: the NHS, housing, education, public services, the environment and last, but not least, Brexit. (hard, soft or al dente!)

I will be going and will offer to stand as a progressive alliance candidate. There may be other possible PA candidates and, of course, there may be no decision. But whatever happens it will be an interesting discussion!

It would be great to see some of you there next Saturday. Click here for more information:

Kind regards



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