Yesterday, LibDems in Farnham backed @drmarielouise from @NHAParty via @BBCSouthToday

The Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate for South West Surrey has been suspended from the party, amid a police investigation over his nomination paper for the Waverley Borough Council local elections. Surrey Ad article here.

Yesterday, BBC South Today had a brief piece about the South West Surrey election and the fact the LibDems in Surrey are asking their supporters to vote for Louise Irvine.

The background is the announcement on the Waverley Borough Council’s website that the Liberal Democrat Party has given a statement to the media that the party no longer endorse their candidate.

BBC South Today, introduction, from yesterday’s programme:

The Liberal Democrats in Surrey are asking their supporters to vote for another party after their own candidate was suspended. Police are investigating claims that Patrick Haveron’s nomination papers for local elections weren’t valid. Today, LibDems in Farnham backed Louise Irvine from the National Health Action Party. She’s standing against the Conservative Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt.

Louise Irvine was interviewed by in the piece by BBC South Today:

Dr Louise Irvine

Dr Louise Irvine

The LibDems here are saying that in the absence of their own candidate, they think I best represent their values as well as having the best chance to defeat Jeremy Hunt in this election. And, that is why they are saying to their supporters that they should vote for me.

Vote for Louise Irvine, says Lib Dem treasurer

Louise Irvine @NHAParty candidate for SW Surrey on @daily_politics talking about suspended LibDem candidate

Waverley Borough Council has one page announcing the parliamentary candidates

and another page announcing the suspension of the LibDem candidate

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