Want high quality NHS services? We need to talk seriously re funding says Louise Irvine #WATO

Did you hear Louise on The World At One today?

This was in response to the Labour Party’s release of a leaked document which revealed that the overall projected financial shortfall across 98 of England’s hospital trusts amounted to £759m.

Louise Irvine from the National Health Action party accused the major political parties of failing to address NHS funding. She said:

Dr Louise Irvine

Dr Louise Irvine

If you want to have high quality NHS services into the future and also high quality social care services especially for our elderly population then we need to talk seriously about how that’s going to be funded. And we say that ultimately  we may have to increase taxation by perhaps a penny in the pound and that would go a long way to helping to fund our NHS properly.

Not reported on The World at One today, we would also save billions by getting rid of the market in the NHS . It is estimated £5bn is spent in transactions costs per year. We could save £2.5bn a year by training more doctors and nurses and not relying on agency staff. We could save money by reducing our spend on management consultants, which amount to £600mn a year.

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