Dr Brian May’s letter of support for Louise Irvine in the local SWSurrey press. He says #VoteLouise @DecencyCommon

This letter from Dr Brian May supporting Dr Louise Irvine’s bid to unseat Jeremy Hunt has been published in the local press.

Dr Brian May writes to the local press in support of Dr Louise Irvine

Dr Brian May writes to the local press in support of Dr Louise Irvine

Be “colour blind” and vote for Common Decency

It was a pleasure to welcome Dr Louise Irvine of The National Health Action Party to my Surrey home last week. I am supporting Louise in the South West Surrey parliamentary election as part of my newly launched Common Decency campaign – http://www.commondecency.org.uk/

Louise has an impressive track record as an effective community activist. She led the campaign to take Jeremy Hunt to court over the closure of Lewisham Hospital’s A&E and Maternity units. She won. When the government appealed, she won again at appeal. It was not just Louise’s community who felt Jeremy Hunt’s actions were wrong. The judiciary determined his actions were wrong.

I have started the Common Decency campaign because I have been angered by the way the government has refused to listen to people: from the NHS to the badger cull they have used spin and deceit to push through polices which harm people, animals and the world we live in.

For democracy to work, people must be informed truthfully. How can democracy work when we are being constantly lied to?

Many people have become disillusioned with the democratic process and stopped voting. We believe it’s time for the people to reclaim democracy.

If everyone voted for decent candidates who actually listened to and represented their constituents then we could have real change in Parliament and a better democracy.

We ask people to be “colour blind” as they vote in the polling booths at the next election. We will ask them to vote for an individual who they believe will act honestly and accountably in their interests, if elected.

At the South West Surrey ballot box in May, we are backing Louise. She would be an independent MP, free to represent the interests of her constituents without having to toe a party line. She would help make democracy more direct by involving her constituents in the vital decisions that impact on their lives, underpinned by strong values, compassion and openness.

Please join my Common Decency campaign and vote for those principles. Vote for Louise Irvine for South West Surrey.

There was also an article in The Farnham Diary about Dr Brian May’s support for Dr Louise Irvine. Click on this link and see pages 10 and 15.

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