.@drmarielouise name checked in today’s Evening Standard

In today’s Evening Standard, Rosamund Urwin authors a piece: My dark secret – I actually like most politicians. In it she writes:

Here’s an unpopular opinion: I rather like politicians. Not all of them, of course — any group that big is going to have a few people you’d pay to avoid at parties. But as a breed, they’re a decent bunch. Industrious. Empathetic. Willing to listen. Focused on public service. They’re also laudably thick-skinned: slag off a celebrity and they get their lawyers onto you; repeatedly criticise a minister ( Jeremy Hunt) and — as I discovered last year — they invite you in for an uncomfortable coffee.

The article ends:

This platform can also be used for a serious purpose, of course. Tony Blair never looked more awkward than at the 2005 Sedgefield declaration. Reg Keys, whose son had died in Iraq, made a speech attacking the war as Blair blinked in the background. This time, Jeremy Hunt faces Louise Irvine, whose National Health Action party exists to highlight the ruination of the NHS under his watch.

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