Suspension of Lib Dem in South West Surrey means voters have straight choice between Dr Louise Irvine and Jeremy Hunt

Statement from Dr Louise Irvine, National Health Action Party candidate for South West Surrey:

Dr Louise Irvine

Dr Louise Irvine

“The suspension of Patrick Haveron means I am now the only candidate able to beat Jeremy Hunt. This election has become a straight choice for the voters of South West Surrey: more austerity, more NHS cuts and chaos. Or an MP who is honest, independent and responsive to their needs, backed by a party that knows how to fund and fix the NHS, and will invest in housing and education, work to reform the EU and make MPs more accountable.

“Since the Liberal Democrats announced they no longer recognise Patrick Haveron’s candidacy, I have been receiving support from their members. I would urge all Liberal Democrats, and all voters in this constituency who care about the future of our NHS and the future of our country, to back me on May 7th”.

“This affair also casts a cloud over the democratic process. The Electoral Commission and the local returning officer have told us they are unable to change the ballot paper or inform the voters that Mr Haveron is no longer the Liberal Democrat candidate. So we now have a highly unsatisfactory situation where voters in South West Surrey, who may not be aware of the latest events, will turn up at polling stations and be misled into casting a vote for Mr Haveron. Given the Liberal Democrats polled over 17 thousands votes in 2010, this could materially affect the outcome of the election.

“We call on the Liberal Democrats to do all they can to inform their members in South West Surrey of the unusual circumstances. We also call for an immediate review of electoral rules to ensure a commonsense approach to events that occur after the official registration process to avoid a mockery being made of our democratic process”.


​Lib Dem statement on suspension of Patrick Haveron:

Growing momentum for Dr Louise Irvine​ ​ prior to Haveron​ suspension​

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One Response to Suspension of Lib Dem in South West Surrey means voters have straight choice between Dr Louise Irvine and Jeremy Hunt

  1. Prue Horne says:

    good luck to Dr louise Irvine a professional who is aware of all current affairs aired, and who knows how the national health works. Look out for the bully ‘boy’s’.


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