Doctors standing for election as MPs

BMJ Careers published this article  a few days ago: Doctors standing for election as MPs

Louise Irvine is cited.

Why do doctors go into politics?

Dr Louise Irvine

Dr Louise Irvine

Louise Irvine, a general practitioner (GP), is the NHAP candidate for South West Surrey and is standing against Jeremy Hunt, the secretary of state for health. Irvine says that one of the reasons she entered politics was to provide voters with an “alternative vision and alternative way forward” to that offered by the main parties. “The ballot box is an important weapon for people to make their view known,” Irvine says. “Even if I don’t win it would send a powerful message in [Jeremy Hunt’s] heartland that people care about the NHS.”

Should more doctors become politicians?

Dr Louise Irvine

Dr Louise Irvine

Irvine says she thinks that all doctors should be more engaged in politics and try to influence decisions that are being made about the health service. “Often doctors are passive and despairing,” she says, “and I think the best way to deal with that despair is to be active and try to do something about it.”

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