Are you receiving campaign updates for my South West Surrey #GE2015 campaign?

Are you on Louise Irvine’s campaign list for her South West Surrey #GE2015 campaign? Get in touch today on

If not, you missed this morning update from Dr Louise Irvine today:

Dear All

The election is two weeks tomorrow and my team is working flat out. We are spurred on by all the press letters of support and by all your emails. But we need to do more. A lot more. And we really need a lot more help. Will you help spread the word?

Please see below information about where we will be over the next few days (click on image to enlarge):

Team Louise Campaign

Also, see the information about the next two hustings events:

Louise HustingsA newly designed leaflet will arrive today and we need people to help with more street deliveries. It is very different from the Independent Open Honest leaflet but I will not abandon those principles. We can deliver bundles to you or email us to arrange collection from central points in Farnham, Godalming or Haslemere.

We need to make a lot more noise on social media. Please engage with us on Facebook and Twitter, if you not already doing so. See email footer for links.

We need to get more signboards across SW Surrey. Have you got yours yet? Have you sent us a picture of it, either via social media or via email? PLEASE forward this email to your friends and neighbours.

Here is some content I have written in the past few days, showing how my campaign is gaining momentum and how it is attracting some high profile support:

Why Brian May is backing Louise Irvine – and why Hunt could be facing a Portillo moment

Doctors standing for election as MPs

Rufus Hound will be out on the campaign trail on Friday supporting Louise Irvine #Godalming

Read Their Lips – The Tories Are Fooling You Over Their £8billion NHS Funding Pledge

“For once my vote really could make a difference in the coming General Election.” #VoteLouise #SWSurrey

National Health Action Party manifesto launch @NHAParty

@DrBrianMay of @DecencyCommon interviews @DrMarieLouise of @NHAParty

The doctor who saved Lewisham Hospital is winning voters’ hearts in SW Surrey

Thanks to all of you. I really hope we can work together to make the next two weeks count for the NHS and for real change in South West Surrey.

My best wishes



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