National Health Action Party manifesto launch @NHAParty

The National Health Action Party have today launched their full 48 page election manifesto. They were spurred on by today’s news that retired NHS CEO David Nicholson is deeply concerned about the ability of the NHS to make a further £22bn in efficiency savings, when an immediate increase in funding is what’s needed. They’ve also released an updated election video featuring their twelve parliamentary candidates. You can support the NHA campaign on their GoFundMe page.

National Health Action’s co-leader Dr Clive Peedell:

“We’re the only party that is serious about fixing our NHS. We’re the only party you can trust to do the job. The NHS has always been there to fix us when we’re ill. Now it needs us to restore it to health.

“We’re the only party that is talking about an immediate cash injection for the NHS; not in 2 years or by the end of the parliament but right now. We are the only party that is prepared to back up its pledges with a real commitment.

“We need a strong NHS for a strong economy.  The NHS is not a drag on the economy. Investing in healthcare stimulates economic growth and keeps the workforce healthy, while austerity increases the need for health services and drags down our NHS. The NHS isn’t unsustainable or unaffordable. It’s under-funded. We spend the least of all G7 nations on health.

“We’re fighting for a healthy NHS that puts patients before profits. We’re fighting for a properly funded NHS that helps you and your family when you’re at your most vulnerable. But we’re also fighting for a healthy Britain and healthy society‎. That means a fair economy, an end to austerity and a parliament that works for people not politicians.”

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