The doctor who saved Lewisham Hospital is winning voters’ hearts in SW Surrey

Dr Louise Irvine attended the Farnham Maltings last Friday. Recording and photography were not allowed. Here is some feedback we have had via e-mail and twitter:


You have my vote. I was at the Hustings on Friday evening and came away much cheered to know where my X is going.  A great event.  My husband had already decided to vote for you but my only certainty before Friday evening was to have ruled out Conservative and UKIP.   I had been wary of voting for a “one issue” party but having heard you speak and had a look at your website I know that to be a false concern.  Wishing you lots of luck to go with your hard work and worthiness of a place in Parliament!

I was at the Maltings Hustings last night and was very impressed with all you had to say and the way you said it; with clarity, integrity, confidence and commitment.  I confess that until the meeting I knew very little about you and your party, but since then have done some reading and all of this leaves me to believe that you would make an excellent MP, keen to represent our constituency as well as help to remove the incumbent.  I am sure that if more people in the area had a greater awareness of you, your party and what you stand for (and importantly this is clearly not only saving the NHS) then they would also view you similarly.

Well done for tonight. Thought you were terrific. You came over so well and confident. With excellent answers. All the very best for the rest of campaign. I’ve never been excited about voting before!

Congratulations, Louise, on the hustings tonight. Facts and figures at your fingertips and points well made. You were by far the most well received, deservedly so. It was a very good evening. So pleased to have been there.

It really felt good, sitting in the tiered seating surrounded by people we thought were Jeremy supporters only to hear their enthusiastic comments and applause for you.

Congratulations on your performance at the hustings last night.  The whole show went well but you were the clear winner measured by applause.

It was Fantastic to meet you last night. You were Brilliant. Remember this thought. “YOU ARE BETTER THAN YOU THINK YOU ARE”. Good luck and have Fun.

I attended the hustings on Friday evening at the Maltings. I loved it and thought your contribution particularly strong..

I just heard Louise speak at the hustings in Farnham, where I felt she outshone everybody on stage, without ever resorting to finger pointing (as could have been so easy with a certain health secretary on stage…) and was the only person to really answer each question in a measured and open way – brilliant! How can I help?

I was so proud of Louise Friday night.  I went home and immediately wrote on my FB wall that I think Jeremy Hunt went home and had a double scotch after the Hustings.  She mopped the floor with him.


Mr Hunt was outclassed by the evidence based arguments & eloquence of @drmarielouise at the #swshustings. She could beat him 🙂

The #swshustings was an eye- opener for jhunt… @drmarielouise was knowledgeable and eloquent – to great effect!

Well if they tried this at #swshustings it didn’t work. Mr Hunt was trounced by @drmarielouise.

#SWShustings Just witnessed a supreme performance by @drmarielouise at @farnhammaltings. Wouldn’t like to be @jeremy_hunt’s agent right now

Final word for now on #swshustings I think a two horse race between @drmarielouise and @Jeremy_Hunt. 1st time in yonks credible challenge

Thus far tonight I reckon main credible challenger to @Jeremy_Hunt is @drmarielouise #swshustings – from nowhere!

Very impressed with @drmarielouise tonight on #NHS and repeal Lansley’s Act. Lots of applause #swshustings

I am honestly an undecided tonight, but @drmarielouise has got by far loudest applause thus far for her response to Q on #NHS #SWSHustings

At last. A candidate giving evidence based answer – @drmarielouise v articulate, confident, informed #SWSHustings

No such wooliness from Hunt’s opponent @drmarielouise at #swshustings last night. Evidence based, articulate & winner

Thought @drmarielouise was marvellous, she knows her stuff

JH outclassed at #swshustings by NHA’s @drmarielouise last night. She was MARVELLOUS.

Mr Hunt either lied on the degree of NHS privatisation at #swshustings or his maths is poor or both. @drmarielouise put him right

Well done! @nha_swsurrey – @drmarielouise had the stage, listened & responded eloquently & knowledgeable #swshustings

@farnhammaltings in my opinion it was @drmarielouise @nha_swsurrey whom spoke with integrity, compassion and intelligence. #swshustings

Great job tonight @drmarielouise @nha_swsurrey compelling and concise throughout and good response from audience. Well done! #swshustings

#swshustings @nha_swsurrey again talking sense about proportional representation

#swshustings NHA just killed it with the working time directive


Farnham Hustings tonight. @drmarielouise got the warmest reaction; sharp and well researched – she deserves a seat in the commons.

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