.@DrBrianMay voices support for @NHAParty candidate @DrMarieLouise @CommonDecency @BBCSurrey

Did you hear Dr Brian May on BBC Surrey yesterday talking about his mission to save British democracy?

As part of that mission, Brian May has endorsed Dr Louise Irvine who is standing for the National Health Action Party against Jeremy Hunt in South West Surrey. Listen here to understand more about Brian’s Common Decency campaign and why he is supporting Louise.


Louise’s campaign to win the South West Surrey seat is building great momentum, and Brian’s support has helped enormously!

Yesterday, Louise attended a hustings at The Royal School in Haslemere. The questions from students and residents were about national policy and local policy. Disappointingly, Jeremy Hunt did not attend the hustings and he sent a local councillor as a substitute. This person was not representing Jeremy Hunt’s views but he got very hot under the collar on the subject of the NHS and on TTIP. He shouted and said he was angry about misconceptions about the NHS and TTIP. In fact, he seemed to know a lot about TTIP. Extraordinary given that the negotiations are being held in secret! (Read Louise’s TTIP update here from last week.)

Also, Louise held an informal public meeting in Farnham yesterday. THANK YOU to everyone who came along. Our supporter who spoke about the US healthcare system gave a heartfelt summary of two very real scenarios. She described having to do personal fundraising to get cancer treatment for two of her American friends. Shocking and moving at the same time.

And! A damning report from the Kings Fund yesterday, sourced in this Independent article:

  • The NHS budget will increase by £3.3bn next year, but this will be offset by £4bn of NHS spending being allocated to the Better Care Fund
  • More than 7,000 more full-time equivalent nurses in November 2014 than in May 2010, and more than 5,500 more consultants.
  • The number of managers slashed by 6,800.

BUT … Having initially planned to cut the NHS workforce, the Coalition presided over a major investment in frontline staff as hospitals reacted to the recommendations of the Francis Report, which catalogued how short-staffing contributed to care failings at Stafford Hospital. However, the King’s Fund said staff are under significant pressure and morale is low, with 38 per cent reporting feeling unwell due to work-related stress. (Also – the govt may boast there are now more doctors + nurses, but evidence from @TheKingsFund actually shows t​here are fewer if you take account of population growth. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-32057948.)

NHS Slife for hustings.What is clear is that South West Surrey is ready for change. It is ready for open, honest and decent representation. Are you ready to embrace Brian May’s Common Decency campaign?

  • It is time to vote for the person, not a party stifled by a whip?
  • It is time for evidence-based policies?
  • It is time to help constituents participate in their own democracy?
  • It is time to vote for decency?
  • It is Dr Louise Irvine’s time.
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