Queen star Dr Brian May backs National Health Action Party candidate Dr Louise Irvine battling to oust Health Secretary in South West Surrey

Queen star backs National Health Action Party candidate battling to oust Health Secretary in South West Surrey

Link to press release: http://nhap.org/queen-star-backs-national-health-action-party-candidate-battling-to-oust-health-secretary-in-south-west-surrey/

Queen star Brian May has endorsed the National Health Action Party’s Dr Louise Irvine as he launches a new campaign ahead of the general election for Common Decency among MPs and she attempts to oust the Health Secretary.

More details here: http://www.buzzfeed.com/emilyashton/is-this-just-fantasy

Statement from Dr Louise Irvine:

Louise-Irvine“I feel very honoured to be among a tiny group of people being endorsed by Brian May as espousing his principles of decency, transparency and accountability.

The fact that I am the only election candidate who is not a current MP is particularly gratifying.

Brian’s idea that we need independent-minded MPs to “serve their constituents and moral conscience first” fits exactly with my own ethos and that of the NHA Party.   We reject the whole notion of the party whips system which puts parties above people.  We also need an end to the conflicts of interest that see MPs profiting from outside interests while in Parliament and profiting from their political connections when they leave Parliament. ​

I’m also delighted that Brian feels as strongly as we do in the National Health Action Party about the need to restore and protect the NHS as a publicly-funded and publicly-delivered system, and strongly oppose its privatisation.  The way this government is under funding and privatising our NHS makes it the vital the Tories are ousted at the general election. The people of South West Surrey have a unique opportunity to vote out the ​Health Secretary who bears ultimate responsibility for the drive to run down and sell off our​ NHS.”


Notes to editors:

Dr Louise Irvine is one of 13 candidates being fielded at the general election by the National Health Action Party. Details here: http://nhap.org/nha-party-election-campaign-launch-leader-urges-public-vote-not-just-nhs-sort-society-want-live/

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