Waverley Borough Council ignores “1984” jibe

Waverley denies 1984 jibe

Dr Louise Irvine is cited in this week’s Farnham Herald. (Click on image to enlarge.)



HEALTH campaigners have condemned Conservative-controlled Waverley Borough Council for “wasting resources” and trying to “gag” South West Surrey residents.

According to The People’s NHS, more than 1,000 voters in Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s constituency have raised ‘Cameron & Hunt’ estate agency boards calling on the Government to ‘Stop the Sale’ of the NHS.

However, Waverley council has warned campaigners and home owners that the boards breach advertising regulations and demanded they be taken down.



“This council is behaving like Big Brother from George Orwell’s 1984.”


said Dr Louise Irvine, a member of The People’s NHS running against MP Jeremy Hunt in the forthcoming election.

Louise-Irvine“It has threatened to confiscate the private property belonging to The People’s NHS and even urges residents who have actively agreed to put up the signs to act as informants for the council. What’s next, will the council demand that people take down signs displaying what political party to vote for at the next election?”

A spokesman for Waverley said, as the planning authority, council officers have a duty to comply with all aspects of the Town and Country Planning Act and blamed The People’s NHS for placing boards on people’s property without permission.

“This is not a political matter or determined by elected members,” the spokesman added. “Council officers responded to complaints from a number of residents who had reported that advertising boards had appeared on their property without their consent.

“Following an investigation, planning enforcement officers found that a number of advertising boards were in breach of planning regulations.

“Irrespective of their content, the boards were not only in breach of planning law but also affected the visual amenities of the areas.

“The council therefore advised, in writing, to the occupiers of properties in question and a representative from The People’s NHS that unless the signs were removed the council would take action to remove them.”

Here is a statement from The People’s NHS group in the South East.


It’s terrible that Waverley Council are acting in such an undemocratic manner. Over 1000 homes across SW Surrey are taking part in the campaign and they join over 52000 homes across the UK who are demanding David Cameron use the veto to defend our NHS from TTIP.

We think Waverley councils actions are bullying and heavy handed.

What do you think?

Sign your street up now to join The People’s NHS and send the loudest message possible to Jeremy Hunt and David Cameron that the NHS is not theirs to sell. Exempt the NHS from TTIP now. Sign up form at: action.peoplesnhs.org/boards

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