Happy New Year from Dr Louise Irvine

My name is Dr Louise Irvine and I am delighted to be standing for the National Health Action Party in South West Surrey in the General Election on May 7th 2015.

Louise-IrvineYou may not have heard of the National Health Action Party before as we are a relatively new but fast-growing political party and naturally it takes time to get known. It’s taken UKIP over 20 years to reach its current position. But, please be reassured that we aren’t anything like UKIP!

The NHA Party has been formed by doctors, nurses, paramedics and ordinary people who’ve come together to defend and improve the NHS. We launched the Party in 2012 because we were so concerned and outraged by the government forcing through a massive, multi-billion pound NHS reorganisation that no one wanted and no one voted for.

The impact of that reorganisation is becoming clear – funding cuts, hospital closures, increased A&E waiting times, difficulties getting GP appointments, creeping privatisation and billions of pounds wasted on bureaucracy rather than being spent on patients. The bottom line is worse care for patients. The future of the NHS as we know it is under threat.

Our parents and grandparents built the NHS. Now it’s our turn to defend it for future generations.

The National Health Action Party has approaching 5000 members, over 63,000 twitter followers and its leaders and spokespeople are regularly quoted and interviewed in the media. A look at our website – nhap.org – will tell you more.

LogoOne of the NHA Party’s co-leaders is Dr Richard Taylor. You may remember that he was elected as an MP in 2001 and again in 2005 campaigning to save his local hospital in Kidderminster. He’s living proof that people are willing to put health first in an election. And I’m asking you to do the same.

A recent poll showed that in South West Surrey, the NHS and GP services are as important a local issue as crime, immigration, employment and education put together. And so it should be. Without our health, we have nothing.

But the NHA Party isn’t just about the NHS. It has policies aimed at protecting people’s health and well-being in the widest sense and fostering a fairer, healthier society. Our policies are on our website. But here’s a quick summary:

  1. Halt and reverse NHS privatisation, end the buying and selling of healthcare within the NHS and oppose the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) which threatens the NHS.
  2. Recruit more nurses and doctors and increase the number of GP surgeries
  3. Stop financially-driven local hospital, A&E and maternity unit closures
  4. Increase NHS funding on a par with other leading world economies and ensure safe staffing levels
  5. Strengthen mental health services
  6. Scrap tuition fees, give teachers more say, increase primary school places
  7. Invest in social housing, improve terms for renters, stop HS2
  8. Abandon the austerity agenda and crack down on tax dodging
  9. Make Parliament work and ‎reform the EU

As your local MP, I would stand up for:


  • Decisions driven by the community and based on evidence.
  • Honest, open and independent consultation.
  • No party whip, hence truly independent.


  • No party political interference in neighbourhood plans.
  • Promote community change with local knowledge & voices.


  • Promote health in its widest sense with policies on a range of issues that impact on the health and wellbeing of individuals and society, including housing, transport, the environment and the economy.


  • Support better public transport and safer walking and cycling.
  • Advocate affordable housing.
  • Campaign to oppose Surrey care home closures.
  • Oppose privatisation of hospital and community services.
  • Push for stronger mental health services.

We all know it’s going to be a very tight general election. But here in South West Surrey, Labour do not fare well here, the Lib Dems are in meltdown, and UKIP mustn’t be allowed to cash in on voter disillusionment or apathy. The Conservatives have failed to deliver the economic recovery they promised. All those cuts to public services and all the hardshipthat people have endured have been for nothing. And more, even tougher, cuts are on the way.

We are offering something different. As our MPs will not have a party whip, we are free to vote on issues not in our manifesto according to the wishes of their constituents, rather than out of party political convenience as most MPs do.

In me, you would have an MP you could rely on to always stick up for you, and to make the right choices to defend and improve the NHS for you and your family.

We can’t afford to bombard you with leaflets like the other parties and we’re not entitled to a Party Election Broadcast. So, this may be one of the few times you’ll hear from me. I do hope though that you will want to find out more, on our website – nhap.org – and that you will seriously consider voting for me.

On May 7th, it’s time to vote for:

  • a new politics
  • a healthy NHS
  • a better Britain

Warm regards and Happy New Year


Dr Louise Irvine

Parliamentary candidate for South West Surrey

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