Dr Louise in The Media

The front page of The Haslemere Herald has an article this week with the heading “Hunt dismisses NHS poll”. This is the Survation poll written about here. (In the first of the three interview videos below, Dr Louise Irvine describes TTIP. She says it is a dangerous deal and it is not going to create jobs indeed evidence has shown these trade deals can cause job losses.)

Hunt Dismisses NHS Poll HeraldOn Christmas Eve, BBC Radio 4 had a special edition of the programme, where they  examined the future of the National Health Service. Dr Louise Irvine was invited to give her views. Can better care in the community end the ‘crisis’ of full hospitals and overwhelmed Accident and Emergency services. Opinion polls suggest that voters see the NHS as one of the most important political issues in the UK, so it will be a key issue in the 2015 General Election. But is anyone prepared to pay more? Here is a link to the programme.

Last week, Louise was on BBC Radio Five Live talking about waiting times and trolley waits. Listen here.

Louise was also recently on Radio 4’s You & Yours, talking about the A&E winter crisis. Listen here.

Dr Louise Irvine was interviewed by The Artist Taxi Driver yesterday and here are three YouTube videos of those interviews.

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